Let’s Tackle Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

We understand B2B lead generation is tough.
Your pipeline and revenue targets just got bigger yet
customer buying journeys are becoming more complex.
Low Lead
Conversion Rates

With growing pressure to convert more leads to revenue, how do you accelerate lead follow-up?

Sales Teams Expect
More Qualified Leads

Wasting dollars on poor quality leads? How do you align closer with sellers’ expectations of lead quality?

Poor Visibility of Lead
Progression by Partners

When happened to the campaign leads passed to reseller channels? How do you track and measure impact?

How FusionGrove Capabilities Help You

The bridge between your marketing automation and CRM.

Target and Prioritize Accounts for Higher Lead Quality and Conversion

Precision targeting of high value accounts using augmented data intelligence and hyper-segmentation.

  1. Deliver more qualified leads to Sales by augmenting lead data with account insights from external market data.
  2. Multi-dimensional hyper-segmentation of accounts using enriched data intelligence, including technographics, firmographics and other indicators.
  3. Prioritizing best fit accounts for sales follow-up delivers faster and higher conversion.
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Enable better lead conversion through guided sales motions in orchestrated plays

Deliver orchestrated plays for sales teams and channel partners to progress through a structured series of account-focused interactions.

  1. Step-by-step guided selling practices and tailored sales enablement content to help sales engage target customers more effectively.
  2. Customize content assets using enriched account data intelligence.
  3. Faster time to market - 6 steps to campaign launch.
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Full visibility and progress tracking of lead follow-up

Measure lead conversion performance by tracking progress and success with real-time reporting, metrics dashboards and leaderboards.

  1. Track lead progression to closing at every step of the campaign/play. Drill down to activity metrics account by account, campaign by campaign, partner by partner and by sales rep.
  2. Custom views for Vendor, Partner Sales Management and Sales Rep roles, ensuring all stakeholders have complete visibility.
  3. Real-time metrics enables agile improvement for inflight plays for improved lead conversion.
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Recommended Use Cases

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Competitive Takeout
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