Why Sales Leaders Need Sales Acceleration in 2020

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By Nathan Allsopp, Product Manager at FusionGrove.

Sales is no easy task in the current day and age.

Competitors are ever-growing, customers are more informed than ever, it's taking an ever-increasing number of touches to reach those customers and technology is constantly changing the channels they inhabit.

With research showing Sales Leaders consistently under pressure to capture new accounts, expand business in existing accounts and increase their team's win rates, the same old tools and strategies are no longer enough.

With increased pressure to drive results, we see Sales Acceleration solutions as the perfect fit for sales leaders in 2020 to help deliver the results they need.

Sales Acceleration is defined by Dun and Bradstreet as "strategies that help business move prospects through the sales pipeline with greater efficiency", which we here at FusionGrove help deliver around the world every day with a unique data-driven approach.

Here's why you need Sales Acceleration for your sales teams in 2020.

The fastest growing sales teams are already leveraging data - can you afford to be left behind?

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It's an apparent trend that, among successful sales teams, data is a critical part of what drives their success. When utilized correctly, rich insights and analytics are helping sales organizations make more effective sales decisions.

However, there are still many teams falling behind on their usage of analytics - and 2020 is likely to only see this gap widen.

Furthermore, it’s predicted that sales technology stacks are not going away anytime soon — and spending in the area will only continue to increase..

Sales Acceleration solutions (check out ours here!) are a great way to bring rich data & insights to your team, as they often leverage many different sources such as contacts, account technology usage and more.

With the key themes of protecting your patch and identifying new areas for upside on the mind of every sales leader, you can no longer afford to be ignoring data-driven Sales Acceleration solutions in 2020.

Your CRM alone isn't enough to achieve your goals

At the heart of every great sales organisation is an effective CRM - and with CRM being one of the fastest growing software markets at the moment, it's no doubt that teams are seeing great returns on their CRM investment.

However, a CRM alone isn't going to be enough to move the needle in 2020.

If you're pushing your team to expand their existing accounts, they need insights around technology stack usage and new trending categories to identify their next insertion point - which a CRM won't do much help for.

Likewise, if you're pushing for expansion into new accounts, your team needs to understand which accounts in the market are adopting the right technology stack for your products - and who the right contacts are within the account.

To top it all off, teams are still struggling with poor adoption rates, and salespeople still list manual entry as one of their biggest pain-points when using a CRM.

While a CRM is a necessity for sales teams around the globe, we see Sales Acceleration solutions becoming an ever-increasing part of the sales technology stack as sales teams are under pressure to expand existing accounts and reach into new ones.

You need to get your reps back to what they do best — selling, not sitting behind the computer

The efficiency of sales teams is constantly under a fine microscope, and the growth of technology means salespeople are having to spend more time than ever keeping up with marketing technology and the likes.

However, with all of this means salespeople are having to spend more time than ever prospecting - and often almost than half of that time is spent on ineffective prospecting.

Sales Acceleration solutions can help reduce a team's wasted time by combining multiple data sources into one, and providing immediately actionable insights - instead of wasting time on manually combining and making sense of many different data sources.

With the new year ahead, we see 2020 as the year that Sales Acceleration helps you reduce the amount of time reps are spending behind the desk - and get them back to what they do best, selling.

Sales Acceleration in 2020: Let us help you

If you're looking to see first-hand how Sales Acceleration can form an integral part of your sales process in 2020, be sure to get in touch with us here and learn more!

Nathan Allsopp

Product Manager at FusionGrove