Is Your CRM Costing You Business? Why You Need to Expand Your Digital Sales Stack

B2B Tech Sales   5min read
By Brian Allsopp, CEO & Founder at FusionGrove.

Every day we work with sales leaders about using data-driven sales acceleration solutions as part of their process, and without doubt the first response usually is: Does it connect to my CRM?

After digging a little deeper, and exploring the ideal sales journey for a leader's sales team, a pretty typical response is I can't get my sales team to use a CRM today - why would I want to add even more tools?

The main thing to remember is that a CRM is not the only tool in the Digital Sales tech stack. While CRMs are a key piece of the stack, they increase administrative overhead for sales reps, taking valuable time away from them being infront of customers.

This overhead ultimately drives scepticism from teams considering new tools that can actually help them uncover high-quality opportunities and unlock new discussions with customers - without the admin overhead.

It's time for a re-think on how we empower the B2B sales effort.

The Sales game is ever-changing, and the Digital Sales tech stack needs to change with that. The toolbox can no longer be made up of just your CRM, but a broad range of other digital tools.

It's robust, digital intelligence infrastructure that ensures the right applications and analysis tools are deployed to your sales teams across the entire B2B Sales Journey.

The important part here is that we need to bring more insights and intelligence, not more data entry or introducing more overhead for reps.

Bringing the Digital Sales Stack to life

Using your CRM as your starting point, look at additional data sources and tools that can help boost your team's productivity and sales results across their entire sales journey.

Here's a quick example of key sales plays and data sources to start off your thinking.


Data and and analytics tools are key for high-growth B2B sales organizations when blended into ther sales operations. On the flipside, laggards are still focussed on realizing adoption and value from their CRM investments.
With this in mind, the key part here as a sales leader is to help bring this to life. While tools are a great starting point, every team needs ongoing training to drive adoption internally. From there, the best leaders are those who combine these new data & analytics tools into their everyday planning and strategy processes.
By ensuring reps can interact with and take action from Digital Sales tools as part of their day-to-day workflow, you can find great revenue successs - as opposed to an analyst pumping out BI dashboards without closing the loop.

My challenge to Sales Leaders - can you assess a new account in 30 minutes?

With today's range of big data & analytics tools, you can easily target accounts, uncover strategic projects and identify key stakeholders across various lines of business, you certainly can.

Here at FusionGrove, we run such sessions with accounts from all around the globe in under 30 minutes on a daily basis!

The power of this is you can now assess and interpret almost every sales angle into a new account before you even pickup the phone.

How much positive impact would that have on your sales strategy, your rep's outcomes from their first discussions and your overall time to revenue?

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Brian Allsopp

CEO & Founder at FusionGrove

My “in the trenches” experience spans 30 years, more than 145 different programs delivered working with Vendors, Partners, Distributors and end customers across the globe.