Data-driven Sales: 3 Quick Plays for Immediate Revenue

Account-based Sales Development   4min read
By Brian Allsopp, CEO & Founder at FusionGrove.

I talk to Sales Executives every day, and though their individual challenges may be different, they have one thing in common: competition is relentless.

The need to land deals is greater than ever, but they are challenged by time.

Given this backdrop, we need to change the game and try different tactics to cut through the competitive noise. Here's 3 quick sales plays that, once combined with a data-driven approach, drive immediate revenue for Technology Sales Executives.

1 - Explore Refresh opportunities within your existing customers

While this may seem like sales-101, you would be surprised how often it gets overlooked. Your existing customer base is an immediate source of potential revenue for Refresh plays, and provide a great discussion point on where the customer is going as an organisation with regards to Digital Transformation.

To start driving Refresh Plays:

  • Review you Sales Data from the past 4 years, filtered by product families.
  • Look at potential opportunities based on the typical product lifecycle and refresh timeframes.
  • Use Refresh as a conversation starter to have a broader discussion on how you can help customers achieve goals in other areas
  • Look for discount or transition programs from vendors, as well as financing options, that could sweeten your deal.

2 - Upsell & migrate your existing customers

Refresh won't be the only thing that existing customers are in the market for. There are also plenty of opportunities to be proactive in positioning new features or solutions that add additional value to their existing install base. With so many new perpetual-to-cloud migrations or licensing programs being launched every day, there is plenty of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for Sales Executives to leverage immediately.

To unlock additional value from up-sell plays:

  • Review your Sales Data from the past 2-4 years
  • Identify customers with basic feature sets, or missing licenses, that could find a good value-add from additional products
  • Use up-sell as a conversation starter to have a broader discussion to qualify the customer's directions
  • Look for discount or transition programs from vendors, as well as financing options, that could sweeten your deal.

3 - Leverage LinkedIn to help you identify new areas within your account

At FusionGrove, we deliver hundreds of 1:1 account-based discovery sessions with Sales Executives. Most executives are very comfortable talking with IT or buyer roles, however we often challenge them by searching for innovation or customer-focused roles within their customers.

Let's face it - you will face lots of competition, likely pitching a similar message. Given this, aligning to the relevant line of business is the most powerful ways to unlock opportunities.

To get great value out of LinkedIn, and unlock new areas in your account:

  • Filter your account on LinkedIn, and look at all employees.
  • Search for terms such as 'Head of' or 'Lead of' in areas such as Strategy, Innovation or Customer Experience
  • Look at the audience you've got back, and consider how you are mapping to where your customers are investing.

Your install base, combined with some data-driven approaches, is a potential goldmine of opportunity. Leveraging tools, such as FusionGrove, to unlock this value can drive you some great immediate, short-term opportunities to uncover it.

Brian Allsopp

CEO & Founder at FusionGrove

My “in the trenches” experience spans 30 years, more than 145 different programs delivered working with Vendors, Partners, Distributors and end customers across the globe.